Patient-Ventilator Asynchrony Detection

  • 35% experience asynchrony 
  • Asynchrony is associated with 
    • 5x increase in ICU mortality
    • 3x increase in mechanical ventilation time
    • 2x increase in hospital length of stay
  • Detection is tedious, imprecise, time-consuming



Syncron-E is a machine learning-based technology, which performs real-time analysis of flow and pressure waveforms currently available from mechanical ventilators to detect various types of patient-ventilator asynchrony.


Closed-Loop Fluid Management

  • 40% of patients experience fluid overload
  • Fluid overload is associated with
  • 70% (2.6 days) increase in ICU length of stay
  • 43% (3.5 days) increase in hospital length of stay

closed-loop automated resuscitation controller (clarc)™


CLARC™ is an automated fluid management system. The system can operate in two modes: i) fully-automated (closed-loop) mode; and ii) clinical decision support mode.